Monday, April 28, 2008

Been busy

Hey, sorry people, I’ve just been so busy. We arrived on Tuesday and my week just went KABOOM! on Thursday.


Tuesday -  work, go into port, watch deckies work.

Wednesday – work, go swimming

Thrusday – work, mini I-night, Chinese fellowship, mini I-night, Chinese fellowship

Friday – work, youth night

Saturday – Eday in town, Eday at I-café

Sunday – Church team, swimming at million dollar point, accomm party

Monday – ON CALL! ( work the whole day =( )


So yeap, work normally ends at around 3 and then I do some stuff in between and then go for some event. I volunteered for all of them except Saturday which was my designated Eday. Note that I was apart of INTERNATIONAL CAFÉ? I was a table host ( sit at the tables with people and talk to them as they enjoy then program). What so special about this is that the last time Doulos was in Malaysia, also the last time I was on the ship before STEP was to attend I-café. I ATTENDED last time and this time I HOST! So yeap, that’s special.


And being on call doesn’t exactly mean I work the whole day. I start at 1pm, do some toilet cleaning (URGH!) throw rubbish, more toilet cleaning (URGH!), then wait till 2 + to do more toilet cleaning, then till 5 plus for more toilet cleaning, and some laundry, and at 7 for more toilet cleaning, then at 8 for laundry and then at 9 for more laundry till about 11. If you’re OC on normal days (meaning not Sunday or Monday, then you can start work at 1pm and do whatever you want in the morning. But because I’m OC on Monday, I can’t leave the ship incase of cleaning emergencies. See, I had plans this morning to go swim at Million Dollar Point with my K –group (ship family),and the get back before 1pm, but I didn’t know that I have to stay on the ship until just before I left! =( Nvm, I went there yesterday, only difference is that there’d be more people and I actually remembered to bring my goggles to check out the corals. Argh, I can see corals in Fiji la! And besides, I need to rest!!!


Youth night was great! We went to this church in town that had about 300 plus youth from all over. We worshiped with them and it was wonderful. They all sing beautifully and they know the words by heart which means they didn’t screen the words. I just clapped and dance along, follow the actions and try to follow the songs, some of the songs I knew… They sing in parts with the keyboard, drums guitar etc. I was nice. There were only light in that church, no fan, no AC… but it wasn’t that hot. Oh, and there a field right outside the church, and because we went at night, I just looked up and saw a field of stars!! Amazing. Because Claudia and I volunteered, we didn’t take part in the program. We just watched the reast of the team which consisted about 15 people, do their drama and such. Claudia and I only took part in the altar call. I never prayed for so many people I tell you! But it was great. Most of them wanted to pray for studies, for protection of their faith, for a stronger walk with God. And while all this praying was going on , the power went off about 3 times! But the singing and praying continued.


And then eday in town was also nice. I think I told you about the Chinese people here? There are loads of them. They came to the ship for a program on Thursday and on Saturday 7 of us Chinese ship people went out into town to visit their shops and talk to them. I follow Irene (fellow Malaysian) and Shawn (Singaporean Stepper, no mum, not my cousin =P) and we visited this shop owned by a Chinese couple from China. We just started chatting with them putting in some Gospel when we can ( they were not Irene’s target, it was the couples friend that was her target.) So while waiting for the friend to arrive we just chat! We were suppose to meet up with the others at11.30am, but they still haven’t arrived. Nvm, we just said our good bye’s and left. We arrived at the meeting point at 11.45 and were suppose to walk back to the ship. It was hot, but it wasn’t a very far walk. But then , TADA! A doulos van passes by and picks us up! HAH! It was great la the whole thing. I can’t remember the last time I spoke so much mandarin. The couple we visited doesn’t know any English, so couldn’t mix it like I normally do at home. I couldn’t even understand what Irene was telling them at times!


Then I-café was also awesome. I told you why already but there’s more. I we had table clothes over tables (duh) and then we also put flags on the tables. I saw the Malaysian flag in the container and immediately placed it on the nearest empty table. So happen,  t was the table right in front of the stage! HAH! So, that was MY table =P and then this French guy pulak go and sit there, I “ kicked” him off fer fer =P So when I started, my table got filled and I basically talked a lot. Ask lots of questions, blabla, then the performances were wonderful. And at the end, I just asked them how they felt about it, some said they’re encouraged to live a more chirst like life, they felt the presence of God, they’re very privileged to be there. It was great!!!


I went on church team on Sunday. It was awesome I telllll youuuuu. Sunday was actually my off day since I’m OC on Monday. But since I’m off, go for church team lo. Just talked about it abit on Saturday and decided that I’d do scripture reading for Laura’s testimony and drama. It’s a simple drama I’ve seen performed twice already, but I still wanted to practice it. Suppose to practice it about 15 min before we leave on Sunday, but then people that picked us up came early! So no chance to practice =( die man. We went in a van and reached the church after a 5 plus min drive. It’s sooooo beautiful! I’ll upload pic of the church. It’s just basically the very old school village type of church. No electricity, wooden stools for chairs, wooden walls, chickens running about. Very nice. I did the reading, and then came drama! Oh migosh, ll I had to do was actually stand still like a statue and then the other person would act and put me in different positions. Mikael’s a great actor, very expressive and VERY FUNNY! It was so difficult to stand ther and NOT LAUGH! I had to hold it in so much and at ne point I couldn’t take it anymore and just closed my eyes, was gritting my teeth and al that. MIGOSH! Laura said she was watching me more than Miakel cause I was more entertaining “is she gonna laugh? Is she gonna laugh?” but I didn’t la. And the when the service was coming to an end, the pastor said “ jasmine, you’re from Malaysia? I was there 15 years ago and I’m curious to know how it’s like to be in a “ muslim Country” could you come up and share with us?” OWEMEEGOSH! Nvm, I just went up and talked….. !!! But I had stuff to say already since he’s not the first person to have asked me about that. But still la, suddenly ask me to stand infront of everyone and talk. EEK!  Then it was luch and the food was super nice. SUPER big banana, SUPER smooth avocado, then yam wrapped in some island veg, some kind of meat cooked in 3 different ways. It was so yummy, but I don’t even know what meat it is! HAH! Could be anythingggg.


The after church team, I went to million dollar point which is a tourist spot around here. It a beach where the American navy dumped their stuff during WW2. It was beautiful and windy. So the current was strong. I just followed the current and swam out quite far. It was so nice. Lots of corals and could see the remnants of the navy stuff by the beach. Will upload pics when I can. Can’t seem to be able to put them in the comp.


Accomm party was mad la! We had to dress up in shower curtains or bed sheets! With clothes underneath of course. It was a party to say good bye to our leader Eleanor. She’s going to change departments and work as info girl instead. So it was a farewell and a welcome to out new boss – Tuya! And a birthday celebration at the same time for Doini as well. We played games, ate lots of sweets etc.


Okay…… this is a LONG post! Don’t expect more like this =P I could only write like this since I CAN’T GET OFF THE SHIP! Will get more pics up when I can.




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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Only two days la

Hello hello, sorry,, it’s been what 2 days? I’ve been busy! YAY! I can finally say that. I’ve been doing more stuff this port compared to the last. Been pushing everything together making sure that I have at least one ministry everyday. Just take tonight for example. I signed up for international café, and Chinese gathering. I-café was suppose to be tomorrow but they pushed it and I didn’t know. And, they also put me in the Parade of Nations which I didn’t know anything about until yesterday. So I went for dinner thinking I have only Chinese gathering tonight and I-café tomorrow, but noooo, when I saw this lady, she said “oh you’re Jasmine! Can you go dress in your national costume now?” Kapeesh!! I didn’t know it was moved. So I rushed down, got changed into my batik dress and ran up. Did one show at 7pm and then went down to dining room for Chinese Gathering which starts at 7.30pm. and at 7.45pm, I changed and went back up to Main Lounge for I-café for a second program. Crazy right? I enjoyed it though =) tomorrow, I’ve got a youth night thing and on Saturday it’s my E-day. It’s only for a short while so I’m gonna see what else I can do. And on Sunday, I’m OFF! Gonna check out what the plans are… if anyone’s going out or anything.. Monday’s the usual off day for everyone else, but I got Sunday off and Work on Monday. Hopefully I’d still get to go out with the other STEPPERS though.


Yesterday was awesome!! I swam in the Pacific Ocean!! I went out with a small bunch of people, we walked about 10 min away form the ship and went by the beach to swim. It’s the kind of beach with more corals than sand, the water was so clear and green. It was BEAUTIFUL! And beneath us in the water it was FUL OF CORALS! So I didn’t dare step down, but I did one time and cut my foot. HAH! Now I’ve got something stuck in it and I don’t dare to take it out. Mum, where’s your skill when I need it ???! so we swam for about 10minutes and it started to rain. We got out but after about a minute it stopped, so went went back it. After it rained there was just this beautiful rainbow. Picture this, Rainbow over the blue blue clouds over the clear blue green sea over the coral beach. Sigh, it was beautiful. And while swimming, Janene suddenly spotted a Blue Starfish, she tried and tried to pick it up but couldn’t cause it was too deep for her, so I came to save the day!! I used my toes to pick it up. Heh! According to the Pilipino that was with us, she said it’s a rare starfish and it was still alive. How amazing is that? I’ll show you pictures when I get them. When I took it up, I thought it was plastic! HAH!! But when we reached the ship, we threw it back in the sea.  Oh, and I saw water snakes, TWO of them right beneath me! I so wished I had the snorkelling things with me. I’d do that next time I go out.  On the way back to the ship, we saw THREE rainbows over the ship at the same spot! BEAUTIFUL! I love Vanuatu =) I love the ship =) I love God’s creation =) I love God =)


You know the people in the village that does that crazy bungee jumping with vines around their legs? I think that’s right here in Vanuatu, though not in this island I’m in. I’ve never ever ever imagine I’d be in an island like this. This is so amazing. Apparently, this is a Christian country but the people here don’t have a personal relationship with Christ. They think that because they live in a Christian country they’re Christian, not knowing they have to accept Him in their hearts. So it’s a big task for the ships company.


I want to share more, but someone’s waiting for the comp.


Will updater later. Promise. So much to share!!



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Monday, April 21, 2008


Yay! Finally, no more fever and moodiness. Past few days have not been so great. The ship’s been great (NOT talking about all the Rocking), but I’ve not been great. Today is Monday! Off day! But nothing to shout about this time, I was off yesterday too.


I was praying so hard that I’d recover before Vanuatu else I die. Literally. I don’t think I would have been able to handle working and the public if I were sick. Of course God is good =D I’ve mentioned I’m THREE HOURS AHEAD right? Better say again =P


We ha da BBQ yesterday, ate on deck with the Doulos Jazz Band playing wonderful music and some people were dancing while the sun started to set. Too bad I was sick, I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t. Nvm, I think during our next voyage from Fiji to Auckland would be just as nice =)


I think I know why I’m slightly homesick. Because, I’m SO OUT OF TOUCH with everyone at home. The blogs that actually tell me whats going on at home are banned on this computer =( and the others don’t say much either. I heard that there was a 3 day black out at home, but I haven’t heard anything else other than that. ishhhhh =P  


So, it’s church ministry training in a short while, then Music Night tonight!!


I so love the ship

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Hey, just to drop a quick note, I’m 3 hours ahead of Malaysia now. Boohoo… it’d be harder for me to catch anyone of you online =(


Oh, and I just heard  that Shana got PARALYSED! Ahahahahhaha LOOMER!


NOW YOU’RE THE SNAIL! Ps: I can’t access xanga on the ships internet. It’s BANNED!   


I’m slightly homesick now….. just slightly. Must be the boredom caused by the voyage, and the lack of information about home. EMAIL ME people! =P


I still love the ship


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Missed me?

Missed me? Been sailing la… the ship’s been rocking like mad. Can’t stay infront of the comp for too long, makes me a little dizzy. The water is beautiful though… rocky, but BEAUTIFUL DEEP BLUE.  Been sick lately. Since Thursday, the day we started sailing. I’ve got the flu, cough, sore throat, fever, the whole package. And it’s not a good time of the month too, so all that plus really rocky seas which the ship’s not been in for at least a year = NOT SO GOOD.  I slept almost the whole of yesterday and still feel tired. Oh, my poor tired body =( The weather is so bad, it feel like I’ve been on the swing for too long. Haven’t taken any seasick pills yet. I refuse to take any. But it’s okay, I don’t think they’d do me much good. It’s not the seasickness that makes me feel horrible. It’s the SICKNESS! Blocked nose plus cold ship also = NOT GOOD. It’s only been 2 days since we started sailing, and word is, it’s not gonna get any better. Rather, it’s gonna get WORSE! Other than the whole horribleness, I still love ship life. It’s so quite without the public. So peaceful =) Everyone just lazes around basically doing nothing after work. Janene just came in to the library. She’s holding a pillow. Wait, let me ask her. She SLEPT ON THE DECK! How niceeee. I shall do that one day. The wind is also nice and strong. We watched a movie last night, when I got that unexpected dial 9…. HEH! And then it was cake time. Oh ya, the food has been better since the containers arrived. There’s VARIETY! Alright, I better go before I puke on the comp! Joking la, I just feel a wee  bit dizzy =D  

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Have I really been writing everyday? You’re lucky =P No la, I do get time off. I enjoy the ship tremendously now. know quite a few more people. All thanks to work, eday and living in this enclosed space that is the beautiful blue and white ship.

I went for the BBQ last night and had WONDERFUL GERMAN FOOD! Sausages and burger patties and salads and ALL THE YUMMY STUFF! It was Barbequed on a real outdoor stove that uses WOOD and the sausages we cooked in OPEN fire. Not the che kai grill we use at home where the meat just cooks on top. And it was quite a big house with a huge garden at the back that had a swing in the tree!! It was soooo lovely. I’ve always always always wanted to swing on those things. And mind you, its not puny and weak okay, it the HUGE and TALL tree with super strong rope =d Janene says “you ar, no childhood la” HEH! The couple also had a super cute and super smart 1 year old daughter =) and and and and, I sat behind a truck!! You know… TRUCK! In the back, where they normally put stuff in. not covered, wind in your hair,( and because it started raining, water too) Sweeeet! Talked about lots of serious stuff with the doulois. One from Austria, one from Netherlands, one from Germany. How cool is that? And we watched 2 dvd sermons. Indescribable and the other one. Came back at 10.55pm! 5 min before curfew!

I woke up at 6am this morning. AM I a HERO or what you tell meeee?! With good reason of course. They were moving the ship into the right berth to do other stuff to prepare the ship for its next voyage. It’s super cool. They basically moved it opposite where we were, but they had to move it in one big circle. Wind in your hair, deckies working, movement in the bridge, the horn sounding, tuck boats, mooring lines (that what you call it?)… Mark, I know you’re SUPER SUPER jealous =P =P ooo, and jelly fish! Squishy!

I worked coffee bar today (Where they sell ice cream, cookies, and juices. Opposite the book ex). It a nice shift, but it’s tiring as well because it’s non stop and the people just keep coming. Know why it’s a nice shift? Because I get to eat all the ice cream I want! And a free cookie!! The cookies are humongous. Remember how I said I love the bakery? Or did I not mention it? Anyway, it’s super good. All the mixing when you prepare the ice cream and juices. You actually use a whisk and beat it like crap. Musclessssssss =P had to wear this sarong like skirt which looks really nice but a pain when you have to run. I think I can work at MacDonalds no problem next time wei. By the time I’m finished here, I’d be super pro at making ice ream from the machine already!

Yesterday was nice. During the 5 hours I told you about, us steppers just hung out at the gym area talking about everything. From SP( =P), to living on the ship,to committing for 2 years and everything else. Then they moved to the pier after ice cream and cookies while janene and I got ready for the BBQ. It was a nice slow day.

I'm really loving ship life.

Oh, and yesterday, at the bungalow, I used their toilet. I sat down, I felt really really weird. I couldn’t put my finger on it at all. Then it HIT me. It’s been a week since I’ve used a toilet with that much spaceee!! HAH!

I really have to start controlling my food intake. Ish… and the sun on saturday left me quite a nice tan! =P the neck doesn't hurt anymore too. Oh yes, and people here have another way of calling me. So far, it's either Jasmine or Yasmine. Sounds nicee =D

So the containers (stuff we need on the ship that gets delivered every few months. Stuff like food, and other necessities) are coming tomorrow and everything is being done to prepare for the voyage. Life on the ship has been noisy and busy. But I love it!

edit:right after typing this posts, Joey(stepper) came to me and asked me if i wanted to give a tour. and just before that, I asked Janen if she wanted to give one to gether with me. Somehting I thought of doing while I have nothing to do. And tada! One was brought to me. Weird la, giving tour. Sometimes I don't really know what to do and it's so crowded and you feel like all eyes are watching you. So it's horrible if you say something wrong. Nvm, I'll get used to it. Feel so noobish.


ps:we're actually wearing skirts because that's the dress code in PNG.

Candid at the beach

Janene and Jeanette the birthday girl

the pier (that's what its called right)

yes, I climed it in a skirt. I was actaully wearing the GB shirt. So when helped is offered, I say "I'm a GB girl"=P

I was helping out at the coffee bar

watching the deckies at work

Monday, April 14, 2008

Off fer fer

KO it! Why are there so many Ko it’s in my comment box? HEH =P lalala… no one to press for you =P you saw the first picture in the other posts? Claudia was massaging suanne. Nahahahahha. I didn’t think I could access proper internet. I thought I could only access the ships email. So I just send my posts from the email and receive the comments from blogger to the email as well. But I CAN ACCESS PROPER INTERNET! So I can actually view my blog. But it’s super slow. So they say… it’s actually considered fast for me =P you know, cause our computer is ancient!


Mum, dad – I only have 2 pictures of me in there! And they’re both tired shots. The one of me on the bed was taken I the morning and the other on the plane. So of course I look tired!! I have about 7 hours of sleep everyday. I’m off today (Monday) so I had about 8 plus hours. I apply more sunblock now. Claudia has after sun lotion which helps a lot! Still can’t find moisturizer though. But my skin is okay. I AM NOT TOUCHING ANY CLEANING PRODUCTS WHEN I GET HOME!!! Hide it all when I get back =P =P


I just came back from and outing into the city. We went to the beach near by. It was a little dirty. Sorta like the Malaysian beaches that are not protected. But there was this pier that was just so lovely, we walk on and climbed on! Soo nice! Will upload pictures when I get them. It was one of the stepper birthday yesterday. She was working htne, so we “celebrated” today by going out. I have nothing to do for the next 5 hours! But I just heard of a second hand clothes shop jus toutside the gate that I might visit if we get too bored here. I have got a BBQ tonight! The kids day organizers invited the doulois who helped out to their home for BBQ. Can’t wait.


Okay, time for lunch, might miss it =P


Ps: mum if you think I’ll loose weight, think again! Claudia has a bunch of lindt chocolate from Switzerland and suanne has a bunch of snacks. And I still love tohe food here. And I’m also hungry most of the time! So I eat quite a lot. At least more than I do at home =D It might change once I start getting sick of the food here.


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Sunday, April 13, 2008

one week and toilets

Hey hey hey


It’s 6.50pm! What a day I tell you. I really really really don’t like washing toilets. Today, I washed 8! 8 smelly toilets used by the public. And I had to start at 7am in the hot sun. So it was wash 4 toilets in about 2 hours, go for breakfast then church service thinking I’m done, was told three are 4 more public toilets!!! Sigh, by the time I was done, it was lunch already. And the toilets are not clean OK! And they don’t smell nice either. 2 toilets were clogged! Very very very badly with loads of yucky stuff in it. Urgh!!! It was my first time working alone. So I didn’t really know what to bring up. So when I was short of anything, I had to walk alllll the way down to the 555 (the accom store room, almost next to my cabin). Not to mention the pail of mop water I had to carry down also. Eh, sea creatures, I’m growing muscles already la! Then I had to wait till the evening, and no one’s ever told me what time, to check the toilets. Check meaning, disinfect the toilet seats, clear the rubbish, refill toilet paper, spray deodorant. So while waiting, I just slept my cabin floor because I was too smelly to sleep on my bed with new sheets and I’m still in my accomm work uniform anyway. And while sleeping, I had to worry if I’d oversleep and miss the “checking time” which I don’t even know yet by then (accomm leader wasn’t around), but the volunteers are such darlings la. I asked them if they knew way before and when I woke up to go look for people to ask again, they saw me and told me they’ve asked someone already. HOW SWEET! So BACK TO SLEEP! Only had to check at 5pm. And IT WAS RAINING AT 5pm =( Nvm, even when it rains, it’s still as beautiful as ever. It’s like being on a mountain top and the cold wind is blowing on your head while little drops of rain splash on you. =D   OH! And I remember the sunburn? I usually have it worse around my neck and it was no different this time. So while working, with sweat pouring down my face, my neck was also hurting like mad. I just checked the schedule thank God I’m not on anymore SU4 shifts! At least not for another week.


Eh, people, email me la!! It’s been a week already, and it was looking forward to other things that kept me sane, but it’s been a week aready so not as many things. I need encouragement wei =P =P


I have to go, someone waiting to use.I’m usually online between 5pm-7pm your time =)

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Saturday, April 12, 2008


I just came back from Eday(ministry day) it was the Kids Day thing. We went to this really poor part of Port Moresby. Have I mentioned that it’s SUPER HOT here? It’s like noon weather in KL excapt it last for Hours and HOURS. So we went for it, and this guy, I think he’s from Austria, organised it. I was in a public field right next to a main road that is FILLED with portholes! It’s like riding a rollercoaster in the car, especially if you’re in the Doulos van and if you’re sitting on the foldable seat, which is what I did. So, back to the kids day. We went out at 8.45am, I just tell you what happened in between la okay? I went back to the cabin(room) after teaching (message), changed, and it was already 8.45. I ran out of the room, went up to info, where the exit is, and realized I forgot my badge. I ran down, and my roommate was already on the way up to pass it to me. But then I realized I’ve forgotten to bring my ID card, which we need if we go out. So I ran back to the room and tada! It was actually in my pocket. So I RAN to the exit again. And thank God they have not left! Not leaving yet actually. While waiting, I realized again that I forgot my retainers!! HAH! Fortunately for me, suanne was outside looking over. I signalled to her to go get it and pass it to me, and she did cause she’s WONDERFUL! Right, that was the last, and we took off. Arrived, passed out soap packets with invitations to the fun day in the rural streets. Finished, and went back to help set up, under the sun, LITERALLY! Blablabla, prepared, sort things out yadayada. Oh ya, I’m super blessed because they don’t normally have this kind of big events and I, a stepper actually get to go, Janene did to. Was incharge of a game station along with another local. The game was “ big foot “ two wooden big feet and the kids pull strings connected to it and race across. It was nice. But I was grilling myself under the sun. My hands are red btw and I haven’t even seen the rest of my face yet. Thank God I had my cap and applied some sun block. I wish I had my sun block =( after games, was the program by Doulos. Worship, drama, etc… it was nice. Janene and I weren’t involved though, so we just sat at a side, got dehydrated and almost died of exhaustion. (there were no chairs either). It went on for about 3 hours? Then finally time to go!! I’m wearing the 2005 GB cadet camp t- shirt, so this PNG girl came to me and asked me about it. Told me she’s in GB as well. I asked her to email me and maybe I can meet her and the rest on Monday, which is my OFF DAY! Yeap, im tired, did I mention we only had on piece of bread for lunch? No lah, not as bad. The size of it is like 4 gardenia breads together with butter. I got to know some of the Doulois more and experience so so so much. It was such a poor are with drunkards and street homes and such. The kids are also super cute of course. I’m so sunburnt! Ouch! It was about 700 kids? I think...

Prayer night! It was on Wednesday. 3 hours of prayer for everything that needs to be prayed for. The ship is in a dangerous situation now actually. Doulos is SITTING on the sea bed during low tide! And that’s not good because there’s more than dirt at the bottom. Lots of junk here. Beams, cables, etc. so we needed to be in a specific berth which we weren’t likely to get. But we prayed, and news was just out that we got it.

Oh and work! I LOVE laundry! Have I mentioned that yet? It’s sooo nice. All I do is fold and sort and stuff. And then there coffee car! Where the ice creams and cookies and juicers are sold. Janene and I helped out last night. I get my shift there on Tuesday! Yay! That means free ice cream and free cookie! Oh, and the bakery is AH MA ZING! The cakes and breads and cookies… YUM.

I’m gonna miss PNG when we leave =(

Mum, doulos is closing already la! Joy won’t have a chance to come join it. But she can always join the new ships!!!

edit. PICTURES! they're disorganised... but I don't care la

Cabin mates!

South Korean Steppers

Bed =) note the space!

Beautiful view in PNG from the ship!

and again

Tired travelers (BRIS to POM)

Laundry area!!

Beatiful PNG sunset

Jon and Claudia on satallite deck

Suanne and pom pom!

Sunrise from the plane =D

View of PNG from the plane

Friday, April 11, 2008

All is fine

No need to worry! I found the retainers. The elves returned it cause they’re kind =P they were under the mattress. I’m not so bored anymore. Just came from lunch actually, YUMMY! There was SASHIMI! (or however you spell it) It’s 12.50pm now, have to be at work at 1pm, so have to go super fast, long way to walk from library. Oh wait, nono… there’s a shortcut!!! 


I need a favour from whomever! There’s a GB company in PNG. I don’t know where it is and the locals don’t know very much about it either. The contacts Ms Tay gave me are in my hotmail. Can’t access it on the ship. So if anyone can call her, or call GBM or something like that? I really want to visit the GB company here. Leaving PNG next Thursday already. And there’s a GB in Vanuatu also, which is our next port. So ya, contact for them to??? Right, have to go back to work. I LOVE WORK (at least for now. Let’s hope that doesn’t change) bye =D

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I just finished work! It wasn’t even 8 hours as I expected. Just “deep” cleaned 2 bathrooms (mark, it was 210 and 211, your old cabin!) and cleaned the stair area. I think my skin is going to peel off. I actually brought the lovely hand cream, but as usual, due to my brilliance, I packed it in the wrong bag and couldn’t take it on the flight. Actually went into town to get one, but it’s lousy! Nvm, I hope someone else here will have one too. Otherwise, I’ll just let my skin drop.


You know what else happened? The weirdest thing! I think there are such things as retainer stealing elves. I woke up this morning at 6am and felt like my teeth were naked, realized later that I didn’t have my retainers on. So I thought I left it in the toilet la. But I remembered that I did put it on before I went to sleep. I just went and checked. It wasn’t there!!! I searched and searched and searched. Nowhere!!!! Until now, I still haven’t found it yet.. and I CAN’T GO ON 2 MONTHS WITHOUT IT! My teeth are gonna move. (ko, this doesn’t prove you right because I didn’t DO anything to loose it. It just came off fer fer!!!) This is toooo weird la. I really hope I’d be able to find it later when we clean our messy cabin (cabin inspection tomorrow). It’s prayer night tonight, they’re also going to introduced us STEPPERS (eeeeek!)


Have I mentioned that the rice we ate is nice? We don’t get rice everyday, but the rice that was served last night and this afternoon was SUPER NICE! Nicer than Japanese rice. I tell you, it’s been so long since I ate that much rice. The food here is actually nice! Considering they cook for 300 people everyday.


I hear kids songs!!!! I think they have a program on. Gonna check it out. Oh, and I GET TO GO FOR THE KIDS THING!!!!!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =D =D

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Why am I bored?

Fine, I’ll blog


Didn’t want to initially, but sooo many questions asked. Okay, to give you a picture of how I can be bored, lemme tell you what I did today


6.30am – wake up then breakfast

7.30 – study group (on book of Ephesians)

10.00 – orientation (creative ministry today – mime dance)

12 – lunch

1pm – work orientation ( we finished SUPER EARLY cause accomm rocks =P)

Was done by 3!!


3pm – decided to go out, went out

5pm – came back

5.30pm – dinner


Then nothing to do!!! So Claudia and I hung out, cause janene wants to stay in


7 – went up to “gym”

Was SUPER NICE! It’s on the satellite deck. The wind was strong, so it blew right through! And the STARS!!! And the moon!!!! So pretty!


8pm – go down to bookstore, hoping to get ice cream. Couldn’t get =( So help out book ex again. Got dizzy, went to cabin


9pm – here I am




Maybe it’ll be my last day feeling like this. I start work tomorrow. So I might start getting busy by then.4 days man!! 4 days of lepaking! (ooo, I slanged =P)


Have I mentioned its super hot? Literally? Like in the day, when we go out on deck, even the railing is super hot!

Can’t even touch it! Oh, but the water gets so beautiful, it glistens! And the hills afar looks even prettier!

Always missing the sunset. Having dinner around that time. And too lazy to wake up for sunrise.


Oh and my cabin! You know where my cabin is??? AFT MAIN STREET!!!! Literally right next to accomm office, and just a few steps away from Charlie and laundry(where I work also). HOW GREAT IS THAT???!!!!


The bakers here are awesome la. The cakes are super good and the coffee too! The bread is okay too. Not as bad as I thought it’d be. Can’t wait for the Sunday bread mark told me so much about.



Better go, people waiting to use



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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

And more

So, I’m blogging twice in a day, super rare,  I know. But the comps are free and I am too, so that’s rare. I just came back from helping the book ex again. This time at the cashier and after the store closed. I helped them store away single books. SO FUN!!! All the PNG kids are so cute. Especially the babies, want to just pinch them. So, orientation again tomorrow. Work one this time. Then I start work on Thursday. I get Mondays OFF Fer Fer! Oh, and the creative ministry here is sooo chun. Can’t wait to go on Edays and share! Guess what I found in the bookstore? FINDING NEMO STICKER BOOK!!!! I’m soooo gonna buy it. It has dory, nemo, marlin, flo, bloat, peach…. !!! My dory keychain has company!!


Today, at orientation, they asked me to describe myself with one word. I used the word “childish” then they corrected me and said it’s more like “childlike” HAH! The fun deck!!! So fun! It’s basically the kids playground on the ship. Swing, slide, fortress, bike, see saw etc… So fun! And it faces the sea!! So yeap, childlike. And I also expressed how much I super uber mega love kids too… just after Daniel wong (STEP COORDINATER) told us that we an volunteer to take care of the kids during Sabbath week. KIDS ARE MEGA CUTE!!!


Then, also at orientation, we were given this speech/lecture(don’t know what you call it anymore) by the director – Daniel Chae. So inspiring! It basically brought me back to everything I wanted to do but was too busy thinking of other things. Things like being expectant, determined, etc and he sared about his life and the life of the governor state(or something like that) of PNG. MEEEE GAWSH! VERY VERY INSPIRING.


There are so many people here and they’re all awesome! This girl beside me now, she Romanian, very cool. Super fun, happy joy joy, make a lot of noise.


I don’t want my two months to end! AH!! It’s gonna be day 4 tomorrow already. I just really hope I won’t be treating this like the other things. “wait till last minute” casue there won’t be another chance after this =(


Eunice - I think of you when I see DORY!


Sing Song and Eunice - I think of you when I see KONS!! PNG KONS!!


Eema, mum, dad, the doctor guy – NEOH, met me already. He said “aunty wanting says I have to take care of you”


Ko - Go for massage. And I don’t need no lameness yet


Queen Shana – Surprisingly =P I think of you when I see purple-ish eyes! But theirs are not as laser shooting Cyclops- like like yours!!


And everyone else, keep praying!!


Gonna shower, I smell like book covers =P byeee


Ps :PNG is 2 hours ahead


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Jasmine is on the ship!

Hello all, I know it’s been 3 days :D Didn’t get my email activated till about an hour ago. Been itching to write I TELL YOU! It’s sooo super great here. I’M ON THE SHIP! I’M ON THE SHIP!!!! I can actually access msn here! WEEEEE I’m working in accomm (accommodation) Stat work on Thursday. Then on SAT, I get EDAY! And, there’s this program for about 700-1000 kids on Saturday as well and I super hope I get to go for that instead. Food here is actually nice:D :D Almost the same thing everyday, so I think I’ll get sick of it soon. But still nice for now. Sleeping is also nice. I can’t sit upstraight on the bed, I’m sleeping In he upper bunk. I’m in a FOUR BED CABIN! It’s wayyy better than the 10 bed one they were suppose to put us in. My journey here was quite okay. POM flight got delayed about 2 hours. But still nice. Ooooo, airport food is niceeee. And I managed to watch Juno on the plane to Brisbane. So 4 bed cabin right? I’m sharing with 3 other STEPPERS. Janene, one from HK, and one Swiss. I arrived on Sunday, so when we arrived, everyone was off work already, we spent the night wondering around, and then ended up helping book ex people because they needed help. Oh meee gosh, I was sooo exhausted. Physically la, but mentally, I was still super jumpy. Then Sunday night I signed up for the Monday outing to some waterfall place in POM, singed up for 10.30am one, but in the end, they got delayed. Claudia and I waited for about 2-3 hours for the next bus that was suppose to arrive, waited till after lunch and then it was announced that it got cancelled. Ish!!! So we just SLEPT the entire day while almost everyone was out. Suanne came back with photos though, it was sooo nice la =( Nvm, next time! Then at night, we just played games with almost all the STEPPERS. Played table games, uno, “billionair” which this aussie which is super like Lewis thought us. We played it in different languages. SO NICE! Oh, and we played that game ALF thought us during mime dinner. The “tuki tuki” one. HAH! You should have seen this UK guy play it. Sooo funny. And I’ve got a big sister. Her name is Adriana, super nice! When we arrived in our cabins,our beds were made and there were stuff on our beds too. Like a cup(which we were suppose to bring, but I didn’t really bother)., some cards, a PNG bag =) (see mum, I told you I’d get one. =P)  And I bought Aussie chocolates while in Brisbane! (get jealous ko and Justin) One thing that happened during my journey, I was in Singapore, and the mall was soooo huge and nice ( I was in terminal 3, the new one) so I walked from one end to the other and had a quick bite in between, when I walked back towards the train thing which is also where they have the board up for flight info, I checked it and it said, flight QF 52 – GATE CLOSING!! SO I RAN!!


Okay have to ciao. Only get 30 min on the comp!


Oh mark, you want me to say hi to drew given ar? He looks scary la


Crystal, I’ve passed the stuff I’m supposed to pass already. The guy seemed pleased to get it


And everyone else, I’ll write when I can!!

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Saturday, April 5, 2008


And the day has arrived! In 12 hours!! Whoa

So, packing almost done. It's 5am btw. Better sleep, else I die during my journey.

Just a little info. The email will be Comments made here would be sent there (hopefully). But if you do want to send me something, then email la. Can't access blog, so can't see chatbox.

Yeap. This is it. At last... Thaks for all the prayers so far, and don't stop! =P

Till the ship, ciao!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Two days to my brother's birthday

TWO! When I first started counting, it was 90 plus days. Now it's TWO! Two more days to my brothers birthday! (don't get it? his birthday is on the 5th of April.)

So I'm done packing clothes, or at least I hope I'm done. It hasn't touched 20 yet! It's only 13kg now. Now to pack the other stuff. I don't even know where to start! Fortunately I still have my hand carry.

I've gotten everything I need already. Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything.

I'm gonna miss the food =(

Don't forget to PRAY!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

And it's down to 3

Three? Really? So that's about 72 hours?

Packing is a real pain. You should see my room now, I can't walk through it anymore. Created a path so I'd at least have some space to walk.

Do you know that flying is going to be so scary? Plus, I've only ever travelled twice on the plane. Once to Singapore and once to Kuching. So yeap, s.c.a.r.y

I'm going to miss school =(

ps: Please pray for safety for both Janene and I. Port Moresby is not exactly the safest place. We've been told that people can carry guns on the streets.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Leaving in 4 days

So it's 4 days left. I haven't exactly packed neither do I have a packing list. I'm leaving at 6.50pm this Saturday from KLIA. Hopefully, my father would allow me to drop by GB first.

I was so excited, now I'm just plain scared.

And my PNG visa cannot be obtained here. Janene and I are going to have to cross our fingers and hope we get it at the airport in Port Moresby.

Prayer, of course, would be appreciated.