Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I should start updating again lest people start to think I've dropped of the surface of the earth. Though that's a nice idea (to some extent). Still have got some pictures from Doulos that are not up yet, but I'm determined to get them up, just a matter of time. I've been in Cornerstone for 3 weeks now. Don't really have pictures yet. Here's a rough schedule of my days here.
6.30am - lecture (tomorrow's lecture - Christian Theology)
8.00am - prepare lunch for work (ham and cheese sandwich everyday)
8.30am - leave for work (today's work - pruning vines for 2 hours, planting lettuces for 3 hours, sweeping up dirt for 1 hour)
             morning tea break and lunch in between
4.00pm - finish work, back to center, shower, afternoon tea
5.00pm - community worship
5.30pm - lectures (today's lecture - Christian Apologetics)
7.30pm - dinner, etc.. read, knit, computer, watch a movie..
10.00pm - sleep
That's roughly my days. Though sometimes, there aren't lectures in the morning, instead, time put aside for the students to do their assignments which i don't have to do. So i get to sleep in!
The place here is just a farm in the middle of nowhere. A typical Aussie country side. Where the nearest (decently sized town) is about an hour away. So i've been driving past beautiful fields with sheep, cows of all colors, beautiful sunsets and sunrays, beautiful green green fields and hills. I also just came back from the snow trip on Monday. We stopped at Canberra for about 3 hours to do the touristy stuff. Parliament house, High Court, Art Gallery, Shopping etc. and then headed up to the snowy mountains! Skied for 2 days. And i have to go now, so I'll write more about my snow trip which was so awesome. Oh, and I SAW SNOW!

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