Thursday, May 22, 2008

last day

Last day of Sabbath week. Work starts tomorrow at 6AM!! Can one la, I’ve been resting for a week wert. On Saturday, us steppers go on overnight. I’m in a group of 9 doing street ministry. There’s an organization that started to reach out to the homeless here in Suva. They have a shelter for them as well and that’s where we’re gonna stay for one night. I requested it. Wanted to do this which I’ve never done before, and my my won’t it be interesting? I think its gonna be a little bit like our faith trip, preaching in public to the people of the town etc. using God’s strength and leadership together with His guidance. I CAN’T WAIT!


Urgh, the ships been rocking, but we’re IN PORT!! Ish, can’t imagine the voyage… 6 days some more, 6 days of rocking!! Nvm, must treasure, it’s gonna be my last. STEP prayer night is coming up. Prayer night is usually on Thursday when the whole ships company comes together to pray for different things. It usually last about 2 hours plus. And this coming Thursday, us stepper are gonna lead it. Know whats my part? Testimony! Ahhhhhhhh! Suanne asked me to share, I think I can do it. I THINK! I HOPE! I PRAY!


We had curry for dinner. Yummm, and an Indian drink that one of the Indian guys made. It’s basically teh halia, Indian style, not mamak style… so yummy.


And oh ya! The waterfalls! Omigoodness, I was BEEAUTIFUL! I’s like something out of national geographic. It’s just one hughe mountain with a continuos waterfall. It’s like from the top, it just flows down continually, one waterfall at the top, collect into a pool, and the flow from that pool by a rive or a small pool or another waterfall and it just keep going like that all the way down. I swam in the pools and it was sooo nice an refreshing. The water was blue blue blue, i even lay down in one of the smaller waterfalls that gushed water onto my head… Sigh, I miss it. It has an entrance fee of 5 fiji dollars and we had to walk 30 min into the forest before we get there but It was all worth it. And the air, so cool… and at the lowest pool, they had the rope thing that you swing from the top and let go and drop into the pool. I did it!!! Will show you pictures later. The first time I did it, I did it the worng way. Wasn’t suppose to jump but I did, and ouch, my fingers hurt, but of course I didn’t give up ther enad gave it another go, and weeeee! So fun!! Sooooo beautiful la that place…  =D


Oh no! 2 more weeks left!!


Okay, curfew in 5 min. Goodnight!

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the church ladies
PNG sunset
PNG waters
sailing. (Claudia, me, Joey )
the kids day thing (my first Eday, thats when i got burnt!)
doing the STATUE drama for the first time
That's when they asked me to share about living in a Muslim like country
my first Church team
sharing with the ladies at the church

The first time the ship moved for us STEPPERS. (that’s when I woke up at 6am!)
K group (it was Chris's birthday)
awkward smile (working at coffee bar. see the ice cream machine? I get
to eat as many as I want!)

Monday, May 19, 2008

only managed one this time

Claudia the clown! (International Night, Lautoka)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

sabbath week

Hey hey hey


So 3rd day of Sabbath week, and 25 days left on the ship. Can’t believe it’s all going away so quickly. It’s been rainy here in Fiji, and yet I heard that its dry and hot back home. So weird right? When you think of Fiji, you’d think of sunshine and white sandy beaches. Not rain and city!! But the city ahs been nice. a cinema just less than 5 min walk out from the ship. A group of us went there yesterday to watch nania 2. I actually liked it! I really didn’t like the first one. Costs me about 5.50 Fiji Dollars. Not bad la, about the same as home. Ant then after the movie, we looked for some place to eat but couldn’t find it and ended up having street food! That’s the best I telll youuuu,. I rather have local street food than Macdonald’s any time! It was a piece of steak, one sausage which was super yummy, tapioca, fried noodles with onions and veg and one fried egg. All for 4 Dollars! and something else that had dhal and potato wrapped in this capati like bread… yummm. It only costs me like 1 dollar for that!


Okay, time for worship / night. Starts at 7.30pm its already 7.35pm. opps! BYE

Friday, May 16, 2008

sorry la

Hello people, I’ve not been updating. I’m soooo sorry.


It’s Sabbath week now. Which means that the ship is not open to the public for one week. Everyone will REST! They only work one day and there’s LOADS of free time, sports day, movie night, morning sessions, etc. While us STEPPERS take over the Doulos school. And where am I? fun deck of course! Fun deck means 3 to 4 year olds. Ahhhh so mega super cute. And I just love it when they hug you before they leave class. blogger is sooo super slow, can’t load much pictures even though I have lots. I have to go la, there’s like 2 other persons wating to use the comp.


And oh ya, I cut my hair. SHORT! Oh, how I miss the short hair. It’s sort of like last time, only no short fringe and its layered.


Until next time, BYE!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

change of email add

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fiji is not in Japan

Do Re Mi, I am free! (At least for another 2 hours ) I’ve been so busy! Don’t you loveee rhyming?


Arrive in Fiji on Friday


Friday – arrive, prayer night, on call

Saturday – Faith Trip

Sunday – Work at 6am, Cycle around town, relax by the pool, work, steppers gathering by the quayside

Monday – off day! Go to town, back to the ship for lunch, go to other town – Nadi (2 hours bus ride away from Lautoka), Sabbath week school children meeting

Tuesday – Work, Sports café

Wednesday – Eday, Hindi I-café Parade of nations, walk out to town to minister to the prostitutes by the streets

Thursday – Slept in! Work at night

Friday – Work, movie, I-night

Saturday(today) – work, minister to prostitutes


Laalalalla, crazy but I’M LOVING IT!


Cycling was so nice, until Louise fell, and then the pool was nice. One of the hotels nearby is allowing Doulois to swim for freeee. Monday was sooo nice. The ride into town itself was so scenic. And Alisha is crazy btw. Have I mentioned all this? I can’t remember. Oh welll. *yawn*


I’m leaving in 4 weeks! Madnesss

I love the ministry here so much. I hope I get to go for church team tomorrow. There’s one team that’s going to Wesley Methodist Church. But I’m working =( have to ask the boss! Oh nooooooo


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it took me 2 hours!

finally a group picture
at the park with the pastors we met

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Faith Trip

Bodoh! I just typed about 3 paragraphs and the computer went cuckoo on me. I’ll just tell you about faith trip.


Yesterday, us STEPPERS went on our faith trip. It’s part of our program. Basically, they just send us out into town with no knowledge of the town and no contacts with anyone there. They send us in groups and we walk out to “preach”? dunno la, just do a program, spread the gospel, tell people about the ship, invite people to come visit etc.


So jon, Claudia, jeanette, and Richard went in a group. Nationalities – UK, Switzerland, Canada, PNG, Malaysian. We went to the office to grab some ministry tools, like the map, the numbers presentation etc. We just followed the road and walked and walked with God’s direction. As we were  walking, we heard a mans voice over a mic at a park next to where we were walking. It was a huge park, and the guy was speaking in Fijian. Then jon says “ lets go see what its all about, maybe he’s selling apples or something” So we did and on the way, we heard him say Word of God, then we knew he was preaching and got quite excited, when we saw him, he was with a small group off people. They are actually pastors from different churches who decided to start preaching there every Saturday. They’ve been doing that since last year and they’ve had good responses. So we talked to them, tell them where we’re from etc. and asked them if they’d let us do a program. They agreed and so we did!!! Did the map thing, introduced ourselves, did the numbers presentation, did a drama, i acted, not as the statue this time, but the person who moves the statue, then Richard preached and the end! By the time we ended it was already 12 and we were HUNGRY! We didn’t have any money, but the guy Richard met who happened to be someone from PNG as well, gave us 5 fiji dollars which we spent on drinks at a mall. Then we deciede to just walk out further to see if we can find some organization where we can do another program but bumped in to Janene’s group instead. While at the park with them, we decided to go back to the market place and do another program. It was so super nice. we actually just stood there in a group, started with a song to get people attention, and did the proram. Except this time, we did the gospel numbers presentation and about 5 of us preached. After the market place, we we drained but Jon said “ lets do another one!” HAH! This coming from the guy who wasn’t really into it at the beginning. So we did the same program at the mall but it included the drama this time which I did again. And after this program, a Hindu guy came to ask and challenged us to certain biblical things like why was  the Sabbath changed an d all that. He so knows his scripture! We couldn’t answer and didn’t want to cause we didn’t want to argue and asked him to come to the ship. After that we just walked back to the ship at about 4.30pm. All this time without lunch! Oh ya, one lady treated us to some drinks when we were in the market place =D On the way, back, the engine guys were out having a picnic in the park and gave us some stuff to eat =)


SO yeap it was pretty awesome. Did you know that in Lautoka, the population is about 50,000 and they are 58% Christian, 30 +% Hindu, and 8+% Muslim. There are so many Indian people here! I would have never thought in a million years that Fiji would have many Indians! I wonder why though… but it’s a good chance for ministry. They still come to the ship and attend programs.


Think about it, I actually talked to people, strangers on the street and tell them about the love of Jesus. Something I would have never done if not for this opportunity. If I were to do the same thing in Malaysia, it would be so different. But I did it and I LOVE DOING IT!   


I have to go for dinner. Will tell more and get pictures when I can

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Thursday, May 1, 2008


We’re sailing to Fiji now. FIJI!!! Left Vanuatu on Tuesday, missed the departure =(, had to delime toilets. URGH! Last night, the clock was advanced another hour, so I’m now FOUR HOURS ahead of home!! =( It’s been so lovely. I’m so dreading the day I have to leave. The people have been great. Have quite a few good friends on the ship now, apart from steppers. I steered the ship this afternoon! And I’m heading to the bridge again in about 15 min. hopefully I’d be able to steer again, cause I suck =P


I had lots to tell. But I can’t really remember much. Lets see… have I mentioned I broke my glasses? I did, about 2 weeks ago. Broke as in the things that goes behind your ear broke off from a part of the lense. And I almost lost my retainers. TWICE! And I got a yellow slip! Yellow slip is something they give you when you break curfew. Curfew is at 11pm the firerounds guy caught me going from the computer room to my cabin at 11.05!! Ish, and the slip says 11.13pm… NOOOO!


So I’m on call AGAIN today =(, and the sea doesn’t look good. It was okay yesterday, not rocky like the first. The first was HORRIBLE! And today, right now, the weather doesn’t look good at all. Looks like its gonna get rocky, and I have to do laundry tonight =(, the most seasick prone place.


Okay, you know what? I’m getting quite dizzy, should get off soon. Arriving in fiji tomorrow, so should be able to use comp. TATA!!

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