Tuesday, July 29, 2008

further plans

It's 10.30pm in Adeliade now. In about 6 hours, I'm gonna have to wake up in the cooooold and go to the airport. I fly to Sydney with Jetstar and will spend 3 hours there. Then I take a 4 hours journey by a train, and then a bus, to Orange, NSW. Then get picked up by someone and travel and hour to Canowindra where I'll be for a month with COrnerstone community, It's like a Bible school, but they live together as a community and they work and do mission work. I think I'll be working in a farm. I'm looking forward to this new adventure, and everything else, but the things I'm NOT looking forward to are the COLD, the coldest there tomorrow is -1 degrees and it's like that for most of the time I'm there. Also not looking forward to waking up at 5.30am every morning for work. But, I'll be there during their annual Ski trip! I get to see SNOW!!!! BUt again, not looking ofrward to the cold. I'll try to update more when I'm there. I better sleep now. Need my sleep, or I won't get up tomorrow. Pray for me =D

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm in Adelaide

yar yar, I know I should have written more. But I just really don't have much to write. I'm in Adelaide. that's it.

So the moment I arrived, I checked out my courses, ate too much, got fed too much, missed Doulos a whole lot. Ate more chocolates, did a presentation of my time on the ship at my relatives church. Been to the city, shopped abit. Met 2 missionaries "coincidentally". Been to a rural town 3 hours away from Adelaide. 

Been to a camp - an annual camp for university students. It was at a very beautiful campsite with a river and cliffs as my view. Froze my butt off. Sessions were super good. Had my first bond fire with toasted marsh mellows. Had to adjust to a different culture again. Shopped in an OP shop ( Aussie term I think. Really cheap but good stuff), bought country town's pie (yummm), Watched Wizard of Oz for the first time (As that was the theme of the night). 

Other than camp, I've just bummed around. Cooked some good food with my cousin, met quite a whole lot of different kinds of people. 

Oh ya, and I realized that I can't study in Australia. After all that hoping and searching around, I still have to do a Pre-U course first before I can enter the Degree course here (Bachelor of Education (Junior Primary, Primary) which means teaching la). If I do the Pre- U here in Australia, I'd be doing the exact same thing as SAM in Taylors. Which means I'd be wasting money if I do it in aus. And you know what? I can't do my degree course in Malaysia because NONE of the uni's there have it! So, more planning to do about my future then...

At the mean time, besides bumming around, I've been searching for stuff to do as well. And I think I got the rest of my time here filled up. Just wait, and I may write about it.

Oh, and more pictures to come.