Friday, April 16, 2010


So I write again. This feels right. I sit in Canara Place after awaking from a nap on the couch. Tis the same couch I slept on last night too if I may add. I have a health assignment due in 8 hours and I'm halfway through. I thought if I blogged, it will wake my brain up and words will start forming sentences again. I think it's working. It better be!

I can only think of stories from last week to tell you so here I go. It was Easter break last week. I had an assignment due the week before but got an extension till the Tuesday of the holiday. That meant... working while I was home alone (housemates were all away) on Easter. Ya right, more like write 5 sentences. But I got it handed in even though I spent the days going to the beach, going to the drive-ins (like an outdoor cinema and you watch the movie from the car), and having a lot of social fun with awesome people. Did I mention alot of coffee and chocolates were involved? And wine too, just... not alot. Wednesday evening, I headed down to Sydney by train, stayed at a backpackers, and wondered the city. Oh how I love Sydney! Thursday morning was my scheduled departure to Adelaide but Tiger Airlines being Tiger Airlines, I missed my flight and got another one in the evening. Fine by me, I get Sydney in the day. So I walk and walk and walk. Have I said I love Sydney? I immediately got BURGER FUEL after craving it for 2 years and Max Brenner too. Pretty good outcome for missing my flight I think. I ended my day in Sydney at Circular Quay and departed to Adelaide.

Now, I could go on and tell you about Adelaide, but that would mean not doing my assignment. And we don't want that do we? Next time=)

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