Saturday, March 27, 2010

two years later

Jasmine is away from home again, hence the reliving of this blog. I'll still keep the Doulos picture below as it symbolises the beginning. Also because I have no idea how to change it and Huey Sing isn't here with me now is she?

Currently, I sit on a bench in the Auchmuty courtyard in uni on a Saturday afternoon wearing no shoes and licking whats left off the wrapper of my 80 cent chocolate. I've been at uni for... 4 hours now wasting my life/weekend away on an assignment and it looks like I'll remain here for another 2 hours... at least. It's a sunny day as I sit in the shade, the other half of my table is burning up but I'm thankful for that because I think... I think, it keeps the mutated monster mozzies away. Btw, the mozzies here are like jocks - big, vicious but stupid. You can kill them with one hand, shock horror!(it's an aussie term, I think I'm using it right)

Other than jock insects, chocolate and wasting of ones life, I've done at least one thing a week that I will never do at home or at least never thought I'd do in my life. The list so far (as I can remember) -

Jump of a balcony... into a pool
ride a trolley
crawl a drain
go swimming at the beach at night (SO FREAKING AWESOME)... fully clothed, I might add
twirl a stick of fire
play volleyball at the beach and actually served the volleyball the right way (after screwing up ten
million times)

Life is good. I like classes and lectures, don't like the work though. I have PE classes where I actually do PE stuff. Man, I've done more PE in the last 2 classes than I ever did in my schooling life! I also have a science subject with a lecturer who has cool stuff from NASA. I held the moon in my hands once.

My house is awesome. How can it not be? I have a pool. though, I must confess(please do not scream) I've only been in it once. Besides the pool of course are the people I live with. Natalie, Bella and Belinda are a bunch of loud crazy people. We went out for dinner on St. Patricks day all dressed in green carrying a green accessory from our kitchen. We sat at the restaurant all made up with a green chopping board, green bottle, green mittens, and a green orange(yes, I too was shock. I thought it was a lime and got laughed at).

I could go on and tell you more stories but I won't. Because it's 3pm-the end of my break. The wasting of ones life shall continue.

ps: number of mozzies killed while writing this post - 3. number of bites - at least 5. We'll see how itchy I get later on.