Sunday, May 9, 2010


Hellooo world, seems like every time I write I have an assignment due soon? PROCRASTINATION IS THE DEVIL. I can't get any information into my head and the readings look like a blur to me. My friend says "Take a break!" So I shall take a break from procrastinating. Yeap. 

I'm tempted to continue with the Rose I opened last night for the fabulous Garage Gallery opening (which I had made my hair up for btw ;D ) but it's 2.30pm... hmmmm, I do have a rule that says "It's never too early." 

I have another thing to add to my list today. It involves the words "toast" and "other people". You fill in the blanks. Tis the life!

I think I will go back to studying. I wish I could tell you a story and make this post worth your 5 minutes but... I know you want me to pass my course. Right?

I have no idea if the photo will work and where it will appear... anyway, meet Anneliese=) there you go Maybelle, a photo! 

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